About me

Born in New Mexico, I am a French-American pianist and composer. I began playing the piano at the age of 4 and have been self-taught in my composition skills. While it is hard for me to define how I do it, one thing I know for sure, it comes from the heart. Here I have released my debut album “ZIA” to share with you all! (And soon many more!)

"ZIA opens the album with gentle piano notes eventually unfold into a romantic and graceful melody... capturing the essence of memories and things held sacred to the heart. ZIA is not to be missed by those who particularly enjoy elegant piano music wrapped in wholesome beauty"
Candice Michelle
Journeyscape Radio
"There is one thing to focus on, the piano and how it speaks to you, pulling you out of any inner and external turmoil you may be experiencing into bliss; it's as simple as that... the music of ZIA will touch your soul and warm your heart."
Keith Hannaleck
uzikman reviews

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